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"Put that in your face-hole!"

I'm currently enrolled in a photography business coaching course, and yesterday was one of the best days I've experienced as a photographer, and I didn't take one photo. I received incredible feedback from my mentor, Ben Hartley, as well as my peers. It was no holds barred, and sometimes it burned, but it burned in all the right places. Who knew that constructive criticism could get someone high? I was that someone.

Ben is in a league of his own, and the photographers that took time to comment? They are all superstars in their own right. I was so grateful for their feedback. Grateful that I invested in the coursework. Grateful that Ben was willing to spend so much time critiquing my work. Grateful for the other photographers who took time to provide their own insight, and support.

When the call ended, I felt like I needed to go out and march in my own parade. I couldn't sit still. My mind was on fire. "So much to do! No time to waste!" I could go back to binge eating Trader Joe's Sour Cream & Onion Rings, or get to work. Within a couple of hours I had addressed some of the issues Ben brought to light, and started doing my homework to take care of the issues that would require more hours than the day had to offer. It begged the question, "Who am I?" which led to a more important question, "Was I having my own Desperately Seeking Susan moment? The one when I've hit my head, lost my purse, and I've no clue who I am!?!" Wasn't it yesterday that I was locked away in my dorm room, crying over my lack of ambition, shoving pizza in my face-hole, watching Star Trek, and pining for Patrick Stewart to tickle my "fat-fancy" by declaring "Engage!"?!?

Yeah...I am not that bitch. Not anymore. We have turned a page, baby! Feels good. Feels real, real good. Thanks, Ben...and maybe Beyoncé.

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