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"You got a purty mouth, Bro."

The last seven days have been ridiculously productive: I got a swift kick in the ass from my coach, as well as some fantastic praise, revamped my website, wrote contracts, signed contracts, finally received my state business license, reached out to talent, consulted with other entrepreneurs, took a class in photo creativity, read tales of wedding photographer horror stories, and worked in time for one of my favorite self-help books, as well as much needed laughs (and margaritas) with friends. Oh, and I worked 30 hours at a job that is more sitcom than a job. That is if you consider dentistry a sitcom. If you know, you know. So, gentle reader, why do I feel like I haven't done much? Because not one photo has been snapped. I haven't found the balance of doing what I love, and nurturing the business. It will come, but photography is an art, and it is a craft, and that means practicing my craft everyday. I don't have models knocking down my door, and The Husband has told me, "Thank you, but I've retired from modeling." The time has come to turn the camera on myself. Seems a bit self-indulgent, and I do not enjoy being the subject of a photo, but this is not to create a memory, or to mark an occasion...THIS is to study, to practice, to analyze, to create.

Next week I'll post the results. For now, this is my post. It's all I've got after the week I've had. At least I can write, "Sup! Posted to mah blog, Bro. Check it out. Blow yo' mind, Bro."

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