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...and so it BEGINS!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Welcome to the first blog post for Lucky MACK. Just a bit about why I'm doing this: I like money. It's true. Having a blog is part of having a business, and my business was officially born on 2/14/23...less than a week ago, so if writing about my journey helps to market my business, and connect with existing, and potential, clients, I am here for it. Not only is it good for business, it will be good for me as I want to document the journey of creating a successful business.

I'm 51, and I'm just starting out. It feels so good, but writing that down for others to read was HARD. "I'm 51, and I'm just starting out." Ugh. Vulnerability. (insert eye roll) Granted, people will tell you that age is just a number, but my knees say otherwise. "Bah-dum-bump! Thank you, L.A...I'm here all week!" In all honesty, I am not concerned about my age. I don't have time to care. Why? Because I have a business to run. No time to complain. It's boring. I've already spent too many years in regret.

By November of 2021, Regret & Despair were my bitter backup singers, and I could not stand being in my own skin. My job (dental office management) was killing me. I stopped eating, and I stopped sleeping. It was that deliciously anxiety inducing, and while getting down to my birth weight was good for my ego, I knew I had met my match with this job. A job that I had taken on just eight months prior. I knew I didn't want the job from the moment I did the working interview. It came with far too many demands, and expectations, but I was a seasoned pro, and this was high end, specialized dentistry. I was going downtown. No suburbia for this dental veteran. I'd been in the dental field for 23 years, what couldn't I handle? However, I was burned out. Not just burned, I was dental barbecue. I knew for years that I needed to leave dentistry behind, but I had given up on myself. I thought I was getting what I deserved. I wasn't a great student, and I graduated from college with a degree I didn't even want, and I never listened to that inner voice that told me time and again to pursue a career in the arts. I deserved misery, and this job delivered.

**More next week. I want bourbon. Stay tuned.**

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